A testimonial from a student:
I've heard lots of things about the other driving school and how you pretty much just mess around and cheat, and don't really learn much. Of course, I wanted to go there so it would be easy, but that's not what my parents wanted. I'm glad I came here though, because I did learn a lot in the six rough four hour sessions of learning. So, thank you for that. I knew I had to study at home and put in extra work to get a good grade. I think you guys do a nice job. The only negative thing is it gets so cold, but you guys can't help that so...I guess nothing. Thank you for helping me grow to be a better driver!

- Hahna S.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brodman,
Thank you for providing such an excellent drivers education program. I was expecting it to not be fun and it turns out that it was fun and interesting. I really enjoyed the time I spent here and I would definitely recommend this class to a friend looking for a quality education program. Thanks again for the fun times. 

Just a note of thanks to you and Cindy for a great learning experience for Ryan! I must say that Ryan's experience with your class was MUCH better than our 2 older children had. Your classes were well planned and very informative, as were your individual driving sessions. Ryan learned much valuable information and was very well prepared for his exam. He passed with flying colors! Thank you both for your dedication to the future drivers of Seneca county! I hope your Academy grows and is very successful - I have spread the word to many of Ryan's classmates' parents. Good Luck in your academy's future and thank you again!
- Sherri B.